About Us

Who are we?
1cashloanservice.net is one of the US’s fastest growing consumer websites for comparing financial products. We are committed to getting the right personal finance deals for our customers from the US marketplace.

What do we do?
1cashloanservice.net provides free comparisons on a range of financial products. We help our customers save money on loans, mortgages, life insurance, credit cards and energy by comparing the entire US market to find the best product for their budget and requirements. We help 10,000 people every day.

What makes us experts?
We deal exclusively in personal finance products. This allows us to focus 100% on the personal finance markets, sourcing the cheapest options and the most competitive products. We will find you the best value deals available for your budget and requirements, because nobody knows personal finance better than us.

Executive Officers
Patrick Calahan, Senior EVP, Chief Administrative Officer
David Schnif, Senior EVP, Community Banking
Donald A. Horky, Wealth, Brokerage & Retirement Services
Richard Lix, EVP, Controller
Michaela Loug, Senior EVP, Wholesale Banking
Avid Modtabai, EVP and Chief Risk Officer

Board of Directors
John Hyper, Executive Chairman
Andre Chen, Distinguished Fellow
Elaine L. Chaos, Distinguished Fellow


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